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- - why are we here? - -

Pete Marston - 'WW's Bro' - has created this website to help perpetuate the true concept of Wonder Woman and to catalog some of the hundreds [um, thousands] of items that have emerged over the years bearing the Wonder Woman image.

The best way that we can see to accomplish that goal is to provide a gateway to sites all over the world - i.e., to network Wonder Woman supporters, including fans, collectors, writers, artists, producers, et al.

This site is just one of many, many, many Wonder Woman related sites - - you will find links here to some truly outstanding websites!



Wonder Woman Network is getting a bit of long overdue updating!

Visitors Gallery about done, now...so the new version is up!

Well, not closed...just in progress!

- - - - -

What a wonderful family!

We had recently met Lynda Carter, and knew her to be entirely true to her image - and then some! Well, it should come as no surprise that her family is equally delightful! Lynda and her husband Robert were accompanied on the visit by their son, James, and his fiance, Steph. They stood out both individually and as a solid, loving family. Smart, funny, strong, warm - beautiful people, inside and out!

Click the picture above for more pics!

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wonder Woman has friends all over the world!

Where are YOU?

We all know that Wonder Woman has friends all over the globe. Pete thought it would be fun to be able to see that in a global map. Great idea - let's do it!

When you click on the map below, it will note your approximate location [e.g., Bethel, CT shows up as Waterbury, CT, a nearby city]. And, don't worry, it does not ask for any info or collect any info - just adds the location to the map.

Let's fill it up!!

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